3rd D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry and 7th Meeting of the Working Group on Industrial Cooperation on 8-10 October, 2012, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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15 years back in 1997 through the Istanbul Declaration, eight countries, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey, stretching from Southeast Asia to Africa believing in some shared values founded the Developing-8, popularly known as D-8. The objectives of D-8 primarily are to improve member states’ position in the global economy, diversify and create new opportunities in trade relations, enhance participation in decision making at international level, and improve standards of living. D-8 member states represent almost 14 percent of global population and many of its members are identified as Next-11 (N-11) emerging countries.

In the last fifteen years the organization has truly transformed into a dynamic international organization, thanks to the proactive leadership of the heads of the governments of the member states. Though D-8 member states are fairly doing well in many areas of economic development, yet we have to go a long way to achieve the overarching goal of improving the living standards of millions of people. Our development progresses are often being challenged by the daunting challenges of poverty. I strongly believe strong collaboration and cooperation among the member states will deliver quick development successes and eventually contribute to contain poverty.

Cooperation in industrial sector is one of the major thrust areas of D-8. Until now two successive ministerial meetings on industrial cooperation were successfully held. In the 2nd meeting held in Istanbul last year it was decided that 3rd D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation would be held in Dhaka. The decision has been extremely appreciated by Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, Honourable Prime Minister of the Government of Bangladesh considering this auspicious event in the furtherance to give impetus on materializing vision 2021 for an industrialized, middle-income, knowledge based Digital Bangladesh and as Minister for Industries I feel specially privileged.

D-8 member states must strengthen technological and industrial cooperation to consolidate national economies and ensure accelerated economic growth and development. While creating employment opportunities are central to poverty reduction and raising standard of living, industrialization and technological advancement can contribute significantly to upscale it.

I take the opportunity to raise some specific proposals that we should focus on technology transfer, and collaborative industrialization under PPP and also on research and innovations in industry sector. We can create a special fund for research and innovation through which we can nurture young scientists in collaboration with academia.

I am looking forward to a productive and successful conference. I welcome you all to one of the oldest cities of South Asia, Dhaka.

Mr. Dilip Barua

Hon’ble Minister
Ministry of Industries
Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Message from the State Minister

It is a great privilege for Bangladesh to have the opportunity to organize D-8 3rd Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation and 7th working group meeting of 08-10 October 2012 in Dhaka. D-8 is group of developing countries with large Muslim population that have formed an economic development alliance. The event is aimed to utilize capacities to increase the influence of D-8 countries in global industry. Automotive, cement, steel, petrochemical, textile and garments, energy and environmental, standardization and conformity assessment, SME, food, electronics and ICT case the main fields of cooperation between the D-8 member states.

As the forum primarily focuses on the qualitative changes of the status of member states in the field of global economy, improving trade relations and employment opportunity among the member nations, I firmly believe the upcoming Dhaka summit will usher in a new chapter in the aforesaid areas.

As we all are aware that the present government under the leadership of Her Excellency the Hon’ble Prime Minster of Bangladesh has launched the programme Vision 2021 to be materialized with the establishment of Digital Bangladesh, an overarching goal of improving the living standards of the millions of people. I strongly believe the meeting has lots to contribute in this regard for the host countries and other member states as well.

D-8 developing countries are paving towards a steady progress day by day through effective mutual cooperation among each other. To obtain the goal of rapid development in industrial sector I firmly believe D-8 countries will positively be benefitted by exchanging their knowledge, technology and experience. Obviously people to people contact of these country can play a pivotal role in the future prosper of the member countries.

I also hope the meeting will help reduce the prevalent tariff barrier among the member sates. I take the opportunity to raise some specific proposals that we should focus on technology transfer, industrial waste management and collaborative research and innovations in industrial sector. A fund raising drive may be undertaken in order to nurture the talents of the young scientists in collaboration with academia.

I wish this Ministerial summit a grand success.

Mr. Omor Faruk Chowdhury

Hon’ble State Minister
Ministry of Industries
Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Message from the Secretary

It is indeed pleasing to note that the 3rd D8 Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation will be held in Dhaka during 8-10 October 2012 pursuant to the decision taken in the 2nd D-8 Ministerial Meeting. Bangladesh as a member state of this vibrant international organization is highly committed to realizing the objectives of D-8. The Ministerial Conference is a unique opportunity to stock take the level of cooperation among the member states in different areas of industry sector.

It is no denying that we need strong collaboration in trade and industry to promote sustainable economic growth and overcome development challenges. The D-8 member states have huge potentials to realize the envisaged objectives of the organization. To our deep satisfaction, some of the member states are excellently doing well and have already been the success stories of development. I sincerely hope that greater cooperation and collaboration among the member states may generate synergic impact on the overall economic development of the member states as a whole.

D-8 has been a unique international organization as the member states are connected by common values and spirit. This unique feature can play a critical role in steering the organization to achieve the objectives. Bangladesh as an emerging economy values the successes and experiences of other members. Bangladesh under the current leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is determined to become a middle income country by the time the country celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021.

I sincerely hope this year conference in Dhaka will be able to deliver tangible results and contribute further to our collaboration and cooperation.

Bangladesh eagerly awaits your arrival! Welcome to Bangladesh .

Mr. Mohammad Moinuddin Abdullah

Ministry of Industries
Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh



News and Event

October 10, 2012
Dhaka Declaration on the 3rd Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation.
October 08, 2012
Hon'ble Minister for Industry Mr. Dilip Barua Inaugurated the 7th meeting of the working group of D-8 on Industrial cooperation.
October 10, 2012
Hon'ble Prime Minister's speech about D-8 3rd Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation.
October 10, 2012
Speech of Hon'ble Minister Mr. Dilip Barua Minister for Industries about ministerial meeting.


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